Help support my campaign

I have appreciated the support I have received in previous elections and look forward to serving the community for another Council term. There are many ways you can support my campaign, including encouraging your friends, neighbours and colleagues to vote for Bob. Or wearing a Vote4Bob button! The best way to support a candidate is to VOTE.

“The Only Bob on the Ballot”

My surname places me at the end of the list of candidates. It’s been shown that candidates at the beginning of an alphabetical list have a statistical advantage over those up in the T zone. So, what I tell folks is this: Start at the other end of the alphabet, vote for Bob, then select any other candidates you want to support. And, of course, I am easy to identify as “The Only Bob on the Ballot.”

Lawn signs

If you’d like one of my unique lawn signs, please email me at or call 250-812-1312.


I’m uncomfortable asking for financial donations but campaigns are expensive. A mailout, for example, costs around $3,000 including printing and mailing costs. While I do contribute to my own campaign, just like everyone else, I am limited in how much I can contribute.

So here are the rules for making donations, if you are so moved and in a position to contribute.

Campaign contributions can only be made by eligible individuals and cannot be made by organizations or any other individuals. An eligible individual is:
> a resident of British Columbia, and
> a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident

Donations can be made in a number of ways. Anonymous donations are not permitted unless the donation is $50 or less and is truly anonymous (e.g., via a donation box at an event). Individuals who provide money directly to a candidate cannot request that their contribution be listed as anonymous.

Donations must be made directly to me as I am my own Financial Agent. Donations can be made by several methods (please contact me if you want to make a donation by e-transfer: email or call 250-812-1312).
> Cash
> Cheque
> e-transfer

When I receive a donation, I am required to record the following information
> Your name
> Your residential address
> Date of the donation
> Amount of the donation

If a donation is $100 or more, the name and address of the individual making the donation must be included in my election report and will be on the public record.

If a donation is less than $100, I still need to record your information but the donor information is not public.

The maximum allowable donation is $1,250.